What Makes SLERS Chicharon a Household Favorite?

The SLERS brand has always been a household favorite, whether it’s their different variations of ham, their flavorful classic Filipino creations like the tocino, the chorizo, or the longganisa; or the more traditional liempo and pork barbecue.

But apart from those tasty creations we’re all familiar with, the SLERS brand has also won the hearts of most foodies through the variety of snack treats that also bear the SLERS stamp; the SLERS peanuts, SLERS banana chips, and of course, the SLERS chicharon.

Why is SLERS chicharon a household favorite? What makes it so good and enjoyable?


Top 3 Reasons Why SLERS Chicharon is So Good

  1. The taste and crackle of every bite.

When you open a bag of SLERS Chicharon, you immediately get a sense of its freshness and delicious taste from just a single whiff of its tantalizing aroma.

When you grab a piece and give it a nice pinch, you can hear that crackle; the mouth-watering sound that embodies the goodness that is inherent in every great-tasting fresh chicharon that has come before it. So when you see a bag of chicharon with the SLERS brand on it, you can be certain that it is fresh and packed with crackling pork skin and meat goodness.

  1. The chicharon that matches with everything.

Have you ever tried pairing SLERS chicharon with rice? Steam cooked or fried, the chicharon and rice pairing is definitely a must-try for anyone who loves chicharon.

Have you ever tried dipping a piece of chicharon in hot dinuguan, also known as pork blood stew or bloody pudding stew? It is bloody amazing! Spoiler alert! Puto and dinuguan is not the only perfect pairing in town folks.

  1. The perfect snack.

Whether you’re watching your favorite shows on TV, catching up on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, or cramming for a midterm exam, SLERS chicharon is the perfect companion. It doesn’t talk (although it does crackle), it doesn’t spoil huge reveals on Game of Thrones, and it doesn’t give you gas. What more can you ask for?

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