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SLERS Treats for Christmas and New Year – More than Just Ham

Among the highlights of the Pinoy Noche Buena is when the Christmas ham is served, and when we talk of Christmas ham, Cagayan de Oro is blessed to have some sumptuous homegrown hams.

Of course, one of the all-time favorite CDO homegrown hams is the one that started it all—SLERS ham. This brand of ham has been loved by Filipinos not only in CDO, but also in various parts of the country (even as far as Metro Manila) since 1969.

Pinoy Noche Buena

Of course, there is a perfectly good reason for people to love the SLERS ham. For one thing, it barely needs cooking. And it can satisfy the hunger of several people, making it an ideal food to serve if you have a sizeable number of guests for Christmas.

But it’s not just the ham that people have come to enjoy among the SLERs products. Some of their other products offerings have also become a favorite for Christmas and New Year. Here we will talk about the various SLERS products you may want to partake of during your Christmas and New Year celebrations.



Of course this would be first on our list. As mentioned earlier, the Christmas ham has been a Noche Buena mainstay for years and people have come to like serving it during Media Noche as well. The good thing about the SLERS ham is that it comes in several varieties, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your taste and needs.

  • Jamon Cagayan de Oro


This is known as the ham that started it all. Back in the 1960s, when Fely Pelaez first tried her hand at making ham, this was the variety that she learned and later perfected. This was also the first kind of ham that she served to family and friends, and later started selling. Even to this day, this still remains the flagship product of the company.

  • The Picnic Ham


This is a smaller leg of ham that’s cured and prepared in the same way the original Jamon is. If your Christmas and New Year gatherings are quite small, then this could be the perfect ham for you.

  • The Sweet Ham


This is a lightly-spiced pear-shaped ham that has just the right kind of sweetness Pinoys love. This is perfect for when you’re preparing sandwiches or are having a Christmas and/or New Year dinner with just your immediate family.


  • The Country-Style Ham


Do you want to have ham for Christmas and New Year, but are worried that budget is tight? Well, this could be the solution to your dilemma! This mildly-cured, naturally smoked, and perfectly grilled ham is affordable enough for those working on a tight budget.


Other SLERS Meat Products

Not in the mood for ham? Or perhaps you want to serve other meat products aside from ham for your Christmas and New Year dinner. Here’s what SLERS has to offer:

  • Tocino de Cagayan


  • Longganisa de Cagayan


  • Fresh Native Chorizo
  • Pork Chorizo


  • Chicken Loaf
  • Smoked Country Bacon


  • Thick Bacon
  • Smoked Liempo


  • Smoked Pork Loin
  • Beef Pastrami


With all these delicious options, is there really anything else you can ask for?



We all know that Christmas and New Year gatherings don’t end after dinner. In most cases, it’s a “morning the night” scenario. So, whether you choose to play some video games, have a videoke session, watch some movies, or just spend the night chatting with family and friends, why not do so with a bottle (or two) of wine and some SLERS pica-pica products?

  • Chicharon


This is another all-time favorite from SLERS. Many people have come to love the SLERS chicharon and enjoy it as a snack or even as a viand (chicharice, anyone?). Of course, it can also be the ideal pulutan!


  • Banana Chips


This Pinoy delicacy has just the right kind of sweetness for the Filipino palate. It also has the kind of crunch we love to pair up with our favorite drinks. Isn’t it just fun to munch on a delicious treat while spending time with loved ones and enjoying our favorite pastimes?

  • Peanuts


Fried, with aromatic toasted garlic, this is how Pinoys like their peanuts! And this is exactly how SLERS prepares the peanuts they have to offer. And you’ll be sure to love the fact that it’s always fresh and crunchy. Munch away!

Christmas and New Year gatherings are never complete without our favorite food treats. And that is why it’s never complete without SLERS.