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Top 5 Must Try SLERS Express Meals

Hungry? Meeting someone over brunch or dinner? Then why not try SLERS Express Meals?

The city of Cagayan de Oro is known for many things. It’s the country’s Whitewater Rafting Capital, Northern Mindanao’s Business and Education Hub, and it’s also the City of Golden Friendship. But apart from being a progressive city, and having friendly locals, Cagayan de Oro also has a bevy of establishments that offer delectable food.

All around the city, there are plenty of cafés, restaurants, food stalls, and snack bars providing sumptuous dishes to fill you up. One of these is SLERS Café. This company has three branches in Cagayan de Oro, and is known for offering dishes with an authentic Kagay-anon touch. SLERS Café is actually part of SLERS Industries, a family-owned enterprise from Cagayan de Oro that produces smoked country hams, chicharon, chorizo, tocino, longganisa, bacon, smoked liempo, and a lot more.

If you want to experience authentic Kagay-anon dishes, then head to SLERS Café and enjoy their Express Meals. Can’t decide what to choose? Then here are our top five recommended Express Meals from SLERS Café:


Chicharon is one of SLERS’ signature products. It’s also one of Cagayan’s most popular pasalubong.  So it’s not surprising that SLERS has incorporated one of their bestselling products and made it into a delicious rice meal.


Have you ever thought of pairing hot steamed rice with crispy chicharon? It’s your time to do so. SLERS’ chicharice is made of fried rice and chunky pieces of chicharon. For only PHP 90.00, you can now enjoy this meal. Take note that this already comes with a free drink.2-Chicharice

Tocino Meal

Tocino meat is also popular in the Philippines, but this one that SLERS is offering is authentically made in Cagayan de Oro. Back in 1987, SLERS decided to diversify their products by introducing sweet meats, and that was when SLERS tocino was created.


All the ingredients, especially the meat used in making this tocino, come from CDO, so you can expect that it’s definitely not the same with the tocino you’ve tried from Pampanga. You can enjoy this meal for only PHP 100.00 (with drinks). And if you prefer this meal without a drink, order Tocino Solo for only PHP 90.00.



SLERS started out by selling country-style ham. What started out as a hobby back in the 60s is now one of the country’s most popular and well-loved hams. So, when you visit SLERS Cafe, it’s absolutely a must to try their hams and see for yourself why people just love them.Part of the diversification process that the company underwent back in 1987, SLERS decided to offer ham sandwiches as a way of reaching more people to try their hams. This was the time when Hamdesal became part of their Express Meals lineup.


Made with fresh pandesal and a delicious slice of SLERS ham, you’ll surely enjoy every bite of it. You can order a Hamdesal Solo (with no drinks) for only PHP 30.00, Hamdesal Meal with Drinks for PHP 50.00, and Hamdesal with Drinks and Mini Batchoy for PHP 70.00.


Perfect for the rainy season, or when you are just craving for a hot noodle soup. SLERS also offers batchoy in their Express Meal menu and it’s made with the freshest ingredients available—with veggies, meat, chicharon, and slices of hard-boiled eggs.


SLERS’ Mini Batchoy is only PHP 30.00. If you want a bigger serve, you can order either Batchoy (without drinks) for PHP 50.00 or Batchoy Meal with Drinks for only PHP 60.00.


Sisig is a popular pulutan, but guess what; it also goes well with lunch or even dinner. SLERS also offer Sisig on their menu and you’ll certainly enjoy it since it’s added with crunchy chicharon. You can order SLERS’ Special sisig with drinks for PHP 100.00. They also offer Crispy Sizzling Sisig for only PHP 130.00.


Make sure to visit SLERS Café now and enjoy these top five recommended dishes that we have listed above. Here’s a list of SLERS Café branches including their address. Feel free to give them a visit and enjoy authentic Kagay-anon foods:

SLERS HAM & Cafe 1

Del Pilar corner Velez Streets (fronting MOGCHS)

SLERS HAM & Cafe 2

De Leon Plaza Bldg., Yacapin corner Velez Streets


Ground Floor Gaisano City

You can also try SLERS’ Bacon Meal, Grilled Pork Belly, BBQ Half Border, and a lot more. SLERS have leche flan and buko pandan for desserts as well. Happy Eating! Get updates on your social media feeds by liking SLERS on Facebook & following us on Instagram.


Chicharice – A Unique, Crunchy Surprise from SLERS

If you’ve ever been to Cagayan de Oro, have lived here, or are currently living here, then you have most likely heard of SLERS, the brand that introduced American country-style ham to the country. A lot has happened since SLERS sold their first few legs of ham over four decades ago. The company has diversified their products and ventured into other branches of the food industry.


Nine years ago, SLERS Express Meals was born out of the SLERS owners’ desire to allow the general public to sample their products by venturing into the quick service restaurant industry. Conveniently located at the ground floor of Gaisano City Mall, right in the heart of Cagayan de Oro’s Central Business District, Express Meals was meant not only to give people a chance to enjoy SLERS products at more affordable prices, but also to give them ideas on how to prepare these products in more fun and unique ways.

One such innovation offered by SLERS at their Express Meals restaurant is the Chicharice. This is basically our beloved fried rice with a twist. As the name suggests, the main ingredients of the dish is cooked rice and the famous SLERS chicharon. Most of those who have tried the dish will agree that it is one of the best reasons to visit the restaurant more often.

But what if you just don’t have the opportunity to dine at SLERS Express Meals as often as you want? In that case, why not try preparing this simple but mouthwatering dish on your own?

It’s easy! You simply need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 3 cloves garlic (chopped)
  • 1 small onion (chopped)
  • A strip of pork belly (marinated and chopped)
  • 1 egg
  • A bowl of cooked rice
  • SLERS special chicharon
  • Spring onions

Okay, now let’s get on with the cooking. You know how to make a scrambled egg, right? Well that’s the first thing you need to do. As soon as your scrambled egg is ready, set it aside and then start sautéing the onion and garlic on low heat until their aroma is released and the garlic is golden brown in color. Add the pork belly and continue sautéing until the meat is cooked. Now add the rice and scrambled egg, and then mix all ingredients together. Your dish is now ready for plating!

Plating your home-cooked chicharice such that it looks as appetizing as the dish served in the SLERS Express Meals restaurant is as easy as cooking the dish. Simply mold the fried rice in a small bowl and then set it on a plate. Top the rice with a few pieces of SLERS special chicharon (you can use the regular SLERS chicharon if you like, but the special chicharon looks a lot more enticing, don’t you agree?) and then garnish with chopped spring onions.

Ta-da! You are now ready to serve your very own version of the SLERS chicharice!

Eating at home doesn’t have to be a boring, repetitive experience. You can easily jazz it up by preparing simple but fun dishes, taking your cue from SLERS and their delicious express meals. The next time you find yourself near a SLERS store or Pica-Pica cart, don’t forget to grab a pack (or more) of their special chicharon so you can enjoy some chicharice with your family within the comfort of your own home. You could even turn the preparation into a bonding experience by letting your children assist you in plating the dish. Now, what can be more fun than that?

The simplicity of their dishes and the unique twist they tend to lend to Pinoy favorites are indeed among the main reasons why SLERS Express Meals has remained strong in the nine years it has been in operation. Today, it has become a landmark for simple, affordable, and delicious meals in the City of Golden Friendship. Locals and tourists alike commend it not only for serving quick meals, but especially for always maintaining high quality in their food, something the SLERS brand has been known for since 1969.

The good news is that you can bring that quality and sense of fun into your own home by preparing meals the way SLERS does, and the chicharice is definitely a good place to start. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this dish will be a sure hit with your loved ones. You may even want to go a step further and serve the dish during a weekend get-together with friends. Have fun and enjoy!