SLERS Takes Spotlight at the 2016 Big Bite Food Festival


The 2nd Big Bite Food Festival took place at Centrio Mall last March 11, 12, & 13. Various activities were held in the course of the 3-day event, which carried the theme “Festival of Summer”.

Just like last year’s festival, the bounties of Northern Mindanao were highlighted through different competitions. SLERS, makers of the highest quality hams and gourmet meats, was a major participant in the event. During the opening ceremonies, Department of Tourism X Regional Director Catalino E. Chan III led the slicing of the largest ham slider, which, of course, used SLERS ham. By assembling regular-sized ham sandwiches and putting them side-by-side on the tables, Big Bite Food Festival’s largest ham sandwich was created.

After the unveiling of the ham slider (which was as big as two long tables), local government representatives and VIP guests each took a bite of the sandwich. Festival participants, guests, and members of the media were also invited to partake of the sandwich. Refreshments were likewise served.

The SLERS Best Ham Sandwich Competition

One of the first events of the festival was the SLERS Best Ham Sandwich Competition, which was participated in by three of the city’s culinary and cooking schools. The competition saw students from Pilgrim Christian College, Southern Philippines College, and the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro (CIC) unleash their culinary creativity as they raced against time in making the best tasting ham sandwich using SLERS Ham.


Secret ingredients were unveiled by the judges just before the competition started. Each competitor was also given two minutes to get all the ingredients they needed. And as soon as the clock started ticking, the student competitors started working on their sandwich masterpieces.


Mrs. Mercedes Pelaez Mejia and her son Daniel had fun judging the competition, along with Chef Candy Lu. They sampled the sandwiches and gave some tips for the student competitors. After careful deliberation, the aspiring chefs from Pilgrim Christian College were declared winners for the SLERS Best Ham Sandwich Competition.



During the 3-day food festival, Centrio Mall was decked in colorful decorations that gave off a “fiesta” feel to the whole event. Booths featuring mall and non-mall merchants’ products and services were spread all over the Centrio Garden area. There were barbecues, kakanins, merienda goodies, sweets, and delicacies. There were even fresh vegetable and fruits, along with other Misamis Oriental products.

SLERS joined in the fiesta by setting up a booth at the ground floor bridgeway and garden. The booth was a favorite of many who tried and loved SLERS’ sisig. Of course, people also flocked to the booth for their fix of the crunchy and tasty SLERS chicharon.

It was a SLERS fiesta like no other!

With its participation in the Big Bite Flavors of Summer Food Festival, SLERS firmly established its reputation as a major presence in the local and national food industry. And it will continue to deliver on its promise of creating only high quality, superior tasting ham and gourmet meats. It will continue to support local businesses and farmers by buying local produce and sourcing organic products. Through all these, SLERS will keep producing world class products that any Kagay-anon can be rightfully proud of.

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