SLERS Express Meals – A New Twist to All-time Favorites

When Mercedes Pelaez Mejia took the helm of their business, she started implementing a series of innovations, and she hasn’t stopped since. She is, in fact, credited for making SLERS the multi-product enterprise that we know and love today. One of the most notable changes she implemented was the introduction of SLERS Express Meals. She figured that the best way to get more people to try their products is to give them the opportunity to taste it without having to buy an entire pack. And what better way to do that than to establish a diner that serves their meat products?


Among the best things about SLERS Express Meals is that they have a wide selection of equally delicious meals, the food is highly affordable, and you don’t have to wait too long for your meal to be served. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, these are the food choices you can enjoy at SLERS Express Meals:

  1. Hamdesal – The pandesal is a classic Pinoy favorite and it is made even more delicious when it is turned into a sandwich, with fresh lettuce and a slice of SLERS sweet ham. And guess what? The family behind SLERS makes their own bread as well! So you can be sure the pandesal served in SLERS Express Meals is just as tasty as the ham between the slices.
  2. Batchoy – Another Filipino classic, the batchoy is a favorite for both meals and snacks. At SLERS Express Meals, it is served with tender pork cutlets and an all-time favorite among Kagay-anons—SLERS chicharon! Savor its goodness at any time of the day.
  3. Chicharice – It is a well-known fact in Cagayan de Oro that SLERS chicharon makes for a delicious snack, but did you know it’s just as good when paired with fried rice? Try it and discover for yourself what the chicharice hype is all about.
  4. Grilled Pork Belly – Most Filipinos are meat lovers, and pork belly is one of the hog parts we love the most. When it’s marinated and cooked the SLERS way, you just know it’s going to be sinfully delicious, especially when served with a cup of rice and a side dish of atchara. Yummy!
  5. BBQ – Another popular meat dish among Filipinos is the pork barbecue, especially if it’s tender, juicy, and marinated to perfection. And that is exactly what you’ll experience when you try the BBQ meal at SLERS Express Meals—mouthwateringly juicy, deliciously tender meat barbecued just the way you like it!
  6. Tocino – When Mercedes first told her mother that she wanted to include tocino in their product lineup, Fely was skeptical; she thought Kagay-anons wouldn’t appreciate sweet meat. But appreciate it they did! And tocino is now one of the most popular meat dishes in CDO and its neighboring areas. Of course, you’ll appreciate this sweet meat even more when it’s made by SLERS.
  7. Special Sisig – The SLERS team are really going all-out in making sure the public’s cravings are satisfied by serving practically all of our all-time favorites. The sisig is not just a favorite pulutan among Pinoys; it has also become a popular viand. And you’ll love it even more when you discover what makes SLERS sisig so special—the traditional sizzling sisig is mixed with our beloved chicharon! Why simply go for sizzling when you can have CRISPY SIZZLING SISIG?
  8. Bacon – One simply does not live without bacon. SLERS knows this and they have made sure their bacon is well worth your while. Just the right thickness, just the right saltiness, just the right crisp. When served with a cup of rice and one sunny-side-up fried egg, it makes for the perfect breakfast, indeed. But you don’t have to wake up early to enjoy this treat because they serve it at the Express Meals all day long!


While enjoying any of the sumptuous meals listed above, you may also order either (or both) of the delicious desserts served at SLERS Express Meals. They have leche flan and buko pandan, each of which is enough to truly complete your express meal experience.


Now perhaps you’re raring to go and sample the delicious meals mentioned above and are wondering: “Where is this SLERS diner located?” You’ll be happy to know there are two SLERS Express Meals in CDO! One is located at the Ground Floor of Gaisano City and the other is along Velez Street. There’s no time to waste! Try the SLERS meals so you’ll know just what we’re talking about.

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