“Bought 1 luggage of SLERS Chicharon as we were asked to bring snacks that’s CDO represent for a Nationwide Young professional Conference. Funny, during sessions, everyone is so carefully eating the Chicharon as you can hear all the crunching sounds haha I wonder if it bothered the Speaker hahaha!”
– Rachel Ruth Ching-Lim

“Once ko palang to natikman. Sobrang sarap! � Pwede iulam, pwede pulutan or pang baon. matagal tagal narin ung last na nakakain ako neto. Kasi wla clang branch dto sa manila. ��� Nakatikim lang ako ksi ung cousin ng bf ko pinasalubungan sia. Kaya sana magkaron din sila ng branch dto sa manila. For sure mabenta din dto yan kasi sobrang sarap! ���”
– Rhae Cie

“Munching on these brings back childhood memories. “
– Natalie Diane Ventura

“You guys have to try SLERS chicharon…….. you would surely feel in love with it,
its also fun to have it together with your friends.
what i love about it, is it’s crispy and spicy.. you have all your options granted… so what you guys waiting for….. make your summer fiery at SLER- Super Lively EveR!!!!!”

– Raffy Yal Nomo