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Order a box filled with 12 packs of Slers Pica Pica Special Chicharon in 45g.

Stock up on your favorite pork chicharon to share with family and friends or even revel in its flavorful taste solo!

We ship our delicious chicharon for FREE to any locations in the Philippines through our partner courier, J & T Express.

Take a break from whatever you’re doing and enjoy the best chicharon in the Philippines, made only by Slers! Whether you are looking for a snack, pulutan, ulam, or pasalubong, This all-time merienda classic is a perfect snack choice for both young and old.

Chicharon or pork cracklings, are brimming with protein, which is an essential nutrient needed in maintaining a sound mind and healthy body. Major benefits of protein includes:

  • helping in weight control
  • enhancing cognitive function
  • lowering of blood pressure
  • improvement of blood sugar levels
  • building essential muscle mass

There are many reasons to eat chicharon. Above all, it keeps you in good shape. Chicharon is really guilt-free, so, go ahead and satisfy your cravings with our tasty and crunchy pork chicharon. Get your Slers Pica Pica Chicharon Special now and enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

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