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The Health Benefits of Chicharon

You read the title right. Chicharon has health benefits! Contrary to common belief, this popular snack is packed with nutrients and can be good for you. What Is Chicharon? Chicaron, also known as pork rinds or pork skins, is a crunchy, deep-friend pig skin. Before frying, the skins go through a process of dehydration so […]

Find the Best Tasting Hams for Your Holiday Feast

Ham season is around the corner. It’s a good idea to cook up a shopping list as early as now. You don’t want to find yourself scurrying to figure out what to buy and where to shop when the holidays arrive. So, prepare early and don’t forget to put ham at the top of your […]

What Makes SLERS Chicharon a Household Favorite?

The SLERS brand has always been a household favorite, whether it’s their different variations of ham, their flavorful classic Filipino creations like the tocino, the chorizo, or the longganisa; or the more traditional liempo and pork barbecue. But apart from those tasty creations we’re all familiar with, the SLERS brand has also won the hearts […]

Top 3 Reasons to Try Out Our SLERS Express Meals

For decades the SLERS brand has become a staple in every Pinoy household. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, graduation parties, christenings, or just an ordinary day with the family, SLERS has always been a part of the celebration. With a wide range of products such as the different types of hams, chorizo, tocino, longganisa, […]

Top 5 Must Try SLERS Express Meals

Hungry? Meeting someone over brunch or dinner? Then why not try SLERS Express Meals? The city of Cagayan de Oro is known for many things. It’s the country’s Whitewater Rafting Capital, Northern Mindanao’s Business and Education Hub, and it’s also the City of Golden Friendship. But apart from being a progressive city, and having friendly […]