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SLERS Chicharon – Various Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Treat

Pork cracklings, better known as chicharon, is one of the favorite snack items of Pinoys. And when you’re in Cagayan de Oro, it’s safe to say that SLERS is one of your favorite brands of chicharon.


Now, did you know that there are more than one ways for you to enjoy this crunchy treat? Yes, it’s fun enough to just open the package and dig in, but wouldn’t it be a lot more exciting to try different ways of savoring this all-time favorite?

Allow us to tell you how you can make your SLERS chicharon experience even better.

Enjoy it with rice!

Filipinos are not only chicharon lovers, but also avid rice eaters. Why not sit down and savor both?


If you’ve never tried this before, you’ll be surprised at just how good chicharon is when you eat it as a viand, especially if you dip it in delicious vinegar and eat kamayan style. Yum!

Toppings for Batchoy

Most Pinoys also love batchoy, especially during cool weather. There’s just something about sipping clear soup and slowly feeling your stomach getting warmed that makes the experience worthwhile. And the contentment such experience brings is amplified when you top your batchoy with your favorite SLERS chicharon.


The crunchy and meaty goodness of SLERS chicharon is a perfect complement to the soft and flavorful goodness of the batchoy noodles and warm soup. Whether you eat it as a snack or meal, chicharon-topped batchoy is satisfyingly filling.

Breading for Calamares

Have you tried cooking calamares before? What did you use for breading? In most cases, people use a flour and breadcrumbs mixture as breading for calamares. But you can actually make your calamares more flavorful and fun by using crushed SLERS chicharon instead of breadcrumbs. Try it! We promise you won’t regret the decision.


Can you think of any other way to enjoy your favorite SLERS chicharon? If you do, then good for you! Your favorite treats certainly become more fun to eat when you can experiment with it, right? We’d appreciate it if you could share your SLERS chicharon inventions with us, too.