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The Health Benefits of Chicharon


You read the title right. Chicharon has health benefits! Contrary to common belief, this popular snack is packed with nutrients and can be good for you.

What Is Chicharon?

Chicaron, also known as pork rinds or pork skins, is a crunchy, deep-friend pig skin. Before frying, the skins go through a process of dehydration so that they’re puffed up when fried.

Why Do People Think It’s Unhealthy?

People usually think any body part procured from a pig is full of unhealthy fat. Chicharon is also deep-fried, and we associate anything fried as being fattening.

The Health Benefits

  1. Protein

A small pack of chicharon (0.5 oz) contains eight to nine grams of protein. That’s the same amount of protein in 100 grams of nonfat Greek yogurt and more protein in a bag of chips. Protein is essential to the body. It helps repair muscles and can stimulate the production of body chemicals like enzymes and hormones.

  1. Zero Carbs

This is the main reason pork rinds are often recommended as a snack in low-carb diets, because it’s full of protein and doesn’t contain carbohydrates, unlike other on-the-go snacks. There’s even debate about whether it’s good for diabetics or not because it has little to no impact on blood sugar. While experts are arguing about that, have a bag of chicharon.

Portion Control

An ounce of chicharon contains 152 calories. That’s not such a bad deal if you’re consuming the recommended average of 2,000 calories per day. On the other hand, chicharon can also be high in sodium, and too much sodium should be avoided if you’re prone to high blood pressure. Of course, just like with anything else, balance is key to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Portion control is important if you want to stay healthy while enjoying your favorite snack. If you want to pig out on chicharon (and with any other food), realize that there are unhealthy consequences.

After reading this article, we’re sure you’re hungry for some chicharon now. So, why not head to the nearest SLERS store to satisfy that chicharon hunger?

Find the Best Tasting Hams for Your Holiday Feast


Ham season is around the corner. It’s a good idea to cook up a shopping list as early as now. You don’t want to find yourself scurrying to figure out what to buy and where to shop when the holidays arrive. So, prepare early and don’t forget to put ham at the top of your list.

There are a lot of reasons why ham is the perfect holiday main dish. Here’s why it’s a favorite among Filipino families:

  1. It’s so easy to prepare.

Choosing ham is the easiest decision you can make because a Christmas feast is not complete without ham. It’s easy to prepare, too. Just choose the brand that you trust, add your favorite seasonings, and pop it in the oven or the stove. Some stores offer pre-cooked ham and all you have to do is heat it.

  1. It brings people together.

Ham is perfect no matter how big your party is. Its size can feed a crowd and it’s not as expensive as other feast fare like lechon belly. Ham can guarantee that your party will be a success. Everyone loves this special meaty treat that its mere sight can pump up the party, and so good times will soon follow.

  1. You can season it however you like.

You can spice it up with the glaze that comes in the box or you can make your own toppings. Pineapple pairs really well with ham, but you can also use gravy, honey, or herbs like rosemary. It can also serve as an extra ingredient for other dishes. Toss it in your macaroni salad or mix it with carbonara.

  1. You can pair it with different side dishes.

It goes nicely with rice, vegetables, pasta, bread, and any food you can think of. You can put bread and cheese on the Christmas dinner table so everyone can make their own ham sandwich to go with their chicken and spaghetti.

Ham is great for any occasion, but of course, you don’t need a special event to enjoy it. Whether there’s a celebration or not, you can always head to stores like SLERS to satiate your ham cravings.

What Makes SLERS Chicharon a Household Favorite?

The SLERS brand has always been a household favorite, whether it’s their different variations of ham, their flavorful classic Filipino creations like the tocino, the chorizo, or the longganisa; or the more traditional liempo and pork barbecue.

But apart from those tasty creations we’re all familiar with, the SLERS brand has also won the hearts of most foodies through the variety of snack treats that also bear the SLERS stamp; the SLERS peanuts, SLERS banana chips, and of course, the SLERS chicharon.

Why is SLERS chicharon a household favorite? What makes it so good and enjoyable?


Top 3 Reasons Why SLERS Chicharon is So Good

  1. The taste and crackle of every bite.

When you open a bag of SLERS Chicharon, you immediately get a sense of its freshness and delicious taste from just a single whiff of its tantalizing aroma.

When you grab a piece and give it a nice pinch, you can hear that crackle; the mouth-watering sound that embodies the goodness that is inherent in every great-tasting fresh chicharon that has come before it. So when you see a bag of chicharon with the SLERS brand on it, you can be certain that it is fresh and packed with crackling pork skin and meat goodness.

  1. The chicharon that matches with everything.

Have you ever tried pairing SLERS chicharon with rice? Steam cooked or fried, the chicharon and rice pairing is definitely a must-try for anyone who loves chicharon.

Have you ever tried dipping a piece of chicharon in hot dinuguan, also known as pork blood stew or bloody pudding stew? It is bloody amazing! Spoiler alert! Puto and dinuguan is not the only perfect pairing in town folks.

  1. The perfect snack.

Whether you’re watching your favorite shows on TV, catching up on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, or cramming for a midterm exam, SLERS chicharon is the perfect companion. It doesn’t talk (although it does crackle), it doesn’t spoil huge reveals on Game of Thrones, and it doesn’t give you gas. What more can you ask for?

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Top 3 Reasons to Try Out Our SLERS Express Meals

For decades the SLERS brand has become a staple in every Pinoy household. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, graduation parties, christenings, or just an ordinary day with the family, SLERS has always been a part of the celebration.

With a wide range of products such as the different types of hams, chorizo, tocino, longganisa, bacon, liempo, pork barbecue, pastrami, and so on. With snack treats that are quickly becoming a favorite like the SLERS chicharon, SLERS peanuts, and the SLERS banana chips, it’s clear why the brand is so popular and loved by many.

If you haven’t tried any of the SLERS products, you should. You’re missing a lot. And for those who are already familiar with the SLERS brand and love the products they put out, here’s another creation that foodies will definitely enjoy: the SLERS Express Meals.

Now if you know and like SLERS, you shouldn’t need any reason to checkout their new creation. You should just go ahead and try it out. But for those people who need a little bit more convincing, here are three reasons why you should try these delicious express meals from SLERS:

Why You Should Try SLERS Express Meals: 3 Basic Reasons

  1. They are delicious.


Sometimes the word delicious gets bandied about so frequently that it loses all its weight. But in this case, the express meals available on the menu are really delicious. If you love Filipino food, and if you like SLERS, then that combination should give you an idea of how good the meals are.

  1. The choices are quite diverse.


Whether it’s an afternoon snack or a full meal at lunchtime, SLERS Express Meals has you covered. A satisfying afternoon snack can be achieved through either the Hamdesal or the classic Batchoy. If you prefer a full meal, on the other hand, you have a variety of choices from the Special Sisig, which is another Pinoy classic, to something more unique and adventurous, the Chicharice—SLERS chicharon paired with fried rice. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  1. The meals are affordable.


Let’s face it, to us Filipinos, what’s the only thing that can make food that’s already great even more delicious? The price, of course. It’s true and we should not be ashamed to admit it.

And that is what SLERS Express Meals is all about: offering classic delicious food at affordable prices.

Top 5 Must Try SLERS Express Meals

Hungry? Meeting someone over brunch or dinner? Then why not try SLERS Express Meals?

The city of Cagayan de Oro is known for many things. It’s the country’s Whitewater Rafting Capital, Northern Mindanao’s Business and Education Hub, and it’s also the City of Golden Friendship. But apart from being a progressive city, and having friendly locals, Cagayan de Oro also has a bevy of establishments that offer delectable food.

All around the city, there are plenty of cafés, restaurants, food stalls, and snack bars providing sumptuous dishes to fill you up. One of these is SLERS Café. This company has three branches in Cagayan de Oro, and is known for offering dishes with an authentic Kagay-anon touch. SLERS Café is actually part of SLERS Industries, a family-owned enterprise from Cagayan de Oro that produces smoked country hams, chicharon, chorizo, tocino, longganisa, bacon, smoked liempo, and a lot more.

If you want to experience authentic Kagay-anon dishes, then head to SLERS Café and enjoy their Express Meals. Can’t decide what to choose? Then here are our top five recommended Express Meals from SLERS Café:


Chicharon is one of SLERS’ signature products. It’s also one of Cagayan’s most popular pasalubong.  So it’s not surprising that SLERS has incorporated one of their bestselling products and made it into a delicious rice meal.


Have you ever thought of pairing hot steamed rice with crispy chicharon? It’s your time to do so. SLERS’ chicharice is made of fried rice and chunky pieces of chicharon. For only PHP 90.00, you can now enjoy this meal. Take note that this already comes with a free drink.2-Chicharice

Tocino Meal

Tocino meat is also popular in the Philippines, but this one that SLERS is offering is authentically made in Cagayan de Oro. Back in 1987, SLERS decided to diversify their products by introducing sweet meats, and that was when SLERS tocino was created.


All the ingredients, especially the meat used in making this tocino, come from CDO, so you can expect that it’s definitely not the same with the tocino you’ve tried from Pampanga. You can enjoy this meal for only PHP 100.00 (with drinks). And if you prefer this meal without a drink, order Tocino Solo for only PHP 90.00.



SLERS started out by selling country-style ham. What started out as a hobby back in the 60s is now one of the country’s most popular and well-loved hams. So, when you visit SLERS Cafe, it’s absolutely a must to try their hams and see for yourself why people just love them.Part of the diversification process that the company underwent back in 1987, SLERS decided to offer ham sandwiches as a way of reaching more people to try their hams. This was the time when Hamdesal became part of their Express Meals lineup.


Made with fresh pandesal and a delicious slice of SLERS ham, you’ll surely enjoy every bite of it. You can order a Hamdesal Solo (with no drinks) for only PHP 30.00, Hamdesal Meal with Drinks for PHP 50.00, and Hamdesal with Drinks and Mini Batchoy for PHP 70.00.


Perfect for the rainy season, or when you are just craving for a hot noodle soup. SLERS also offers batchoy in their Express Meal menu and it’s made with the freshest ingredients available—with veggies, meat, chicharon, and slices of hard-boiled eggs.


SLERS’ Mini Batchoy is only PHP 30.00. If you want a bigger serve, you can order either Batchoy (without drinks) for PHP 50.00 or Batchoy Meal with Drinks for only PHP 60.00.


Sisig is a popular pulutan, but guess what; it also goes well with lunch or even dinner. SLERS also offer Sisig on their menu and you’ll certainly enjoy it since it’s added with crunchy chicharon. You can order SLERS’ Special sisig with drinks for PHP 100.00. They also offer Crispy Sizzling Sisig for only PHP 130.00.


Make sure to visit SLERS Café now and enjoy these top five recommended dishes that we have listed above. Here’s a list of SLERS Café branches including their address. Feel free to give them a visit and enjoy authentic Kagay-anon foods:

SLERS HAM & Cafe 1

Del Pilar corner Velez Streets (fronting MOGCHS)

SLERS HAM & Cafe 2

De Leon Plaza Bldg., Yacapin corner Velez Streets


Ground Floor Gaisano City

You can also try SLERS’ Bacon Meal, Grilled Pork Belly, BBQ Half Border, and a lot more. SLERS have leche flan and buko pandan for desserts as well. Happy Eating! Get updates on your social media feeds by liking SLERS on Facebook & following us on Instagram.


SLERS Chicharon Presents – Five Reasons Why Pinoys Love Eating Chicharon

It’s chicharon time!


Admit it—by simply hearing that phrase, you already have this urge to relish a pack of crunchy and flavorful chicharon!

Among the list of amazing Filipino dishes that we all love to enjoy, it is no secret that chicharon is right up there on the list. Take a bite of SLERS Chicharon and you’ll definitely know what thousands of fellow Pinoys mean when they say it’s their favorite snack. It’s not just crunchy and delicious; it’s one powerful appetizer!

For tourists who aren’t familiar with chicharon, the food is also known as pork crackling or pork rind; it basically consists of fried pork belly or pork skin. This dish, which is extremely popular in the Philippines, is actually a culinary influence from Spain. Spelled as chicharrón, the dish is a famous appetizer in other countries with Spanish influence including Mexico, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and Guatemala.


Here in the Philippines, chicharon is usually eaten as a snack, but it’s more than that—it’s also a popular pasalubong and pulutan! In this article, we want to share with you the top five reasons why chicharon is such a hit in the Philippines. Here they are:

It’s Cheap but Definitely a Satisfying Meal

One of the common reasons why chicharon is well-loved by Filipinos is because it’s affordable and its worth is more than its price. For only 20 to 30 pesos, you can already enjoy eating this crunchy food when hanging out with your friend, enjoying inuman season (it’s actually a well-known pulutan for mahabang-habang usapan). And not just that, you can even enjoy eating it during long and tiring travels; when you are studying for major exams, or when you are just really hungry.

It’s More Than Just a Snack!

It may be a regular pulutan or snack in the Philippines, but it is more than just that. Chicharon can actually be used as an ingredient in several Filipino dishes to add crunchiness and flavor to them. Among the most common dishes added with chicharon are palabok and ginisang monggo.


And not just that, SLERS has also come up with a unique rice meal, which they call Chicharice. As its name implies, this meal is basically a combination of fried rice and SLERS’ famous chicharon. You can try this dish at SLERS Café for only PHP 90.00 including drinks!

It Has Plenty of Variety

Chicharon has plenty of variety that you can choose from. There’s chicharon with laman (pork rind with meat attached to it), chicharon bilog (made from pork belly skin), chicharon bituka (deep-fried large intestines of pork), ground chicharon, chicharon bulaklak (made from intestine railings of pork), and a lot more.


And besides the classic chicharon made from pork, Filipinos have come up with unique varieties including chicha-rabao (crispy chicharon made from carabao skin), bacon chicharon, baked chicharon, buffalo chicken skin chicharon, fish chicharon, squid chicharon, and chicken chicharon. See? Your chicharon choices are unlimited!

It’s Comfort Food!

Chicharon is no doubt comfort food; it makes conversation fun, and turns the mood vibrant. Not just that, for Filipinos who are working abroad, a pack of chicharon is more than enough to alleviate their homesickness.


If you have relatives, friends, or family members working abroad who are coming home, spoil them with the best chicharon in the city, and that’s none other than SLERS’. OFWs are always excited to enjoy Pinoy food, so it’s only sensible that you treat them with chicharon too!

It’s Best When Paired with Sawsawan

A lot of Pinoys love their chicharon with sawsawan. It brings outs the flavor of the chicharon and makes it more fun to eat. To make a classic vinegar sawsawan, mix together 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 1/8 teaspoon table salt, 1/4 teaspoon white sugar, and 1 clove of crushed garlic. If you want to make the sawsawan spicy, add red chili and a pinch of pepper.


What makes SLERS chicharon a great food to enjoy is that you have free rein on how you want to eat it. You want it sour? There’s vinegar sauce you can make as sawsawan. You want it spicy? Make your sawsawan spicy. You can even eat it anytime you want and pair it with almost anything, like your hot bowl of lomi or a cold bottle of beer. Your choice.

Have fun with your pack of chicharon! If you haven’t read it yet, here’s our guide to having a memorable summer vacation. Don’t forget to like SLERS on Facebook & follow us on Instagram for more updates on your newsfeed.

SLERS Chicharon’s Guide to Having a Memorable 2017 Summer Vacation

Make Your Family Summer Outing More Exciting and Fun

So you want to make summer more memorable for your family this year? It’s not always easy for parents to plan an exciting and picture-perfect summer, especially when there are young children around.


Believe it or not, we’ve all been there.

Summer is supposed to be a time to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends. But more often than not, people get bored and irritated by the Philippine summer heat, and kids get inundated with video games and TV that the opportunity gets lost and before you know it, June comes back around and classes start once again.

So how do you make sure that this year’s summer vacation is memorable for you and your family? Here are a few useful tips from SLERS Chicharon that you may want to consider.


How to Make Your Summer Vacation More Memorable

  1. Take this opportunity to explore the outdoors.

Go to a beach, a lake, a community swimming pool, a park, or just make a picnic for the entire family in your own backyard. The best thing about summer is that you’ll never run out of outdoor activities that the whole family will enjoy. Just remember to keep a bottle of sunscreen on hand.


An afternoon under the sun can go a long way in creating fun and memorable moments with the whole family. You don’t have to capture every moment with a camera; a mental picture should suffice.


  1. Go on a road trip with the entire family.

You don’t have to be confined in your own home, counting the days when your kids go to school once again. You can take this opportunity to travel, visit relatives and local tourist attractions. Summer is the perfect time to explore and go on an adventure. So start planning your route and hit the open road.


You don’t have to get a loan or break your piggy bank for this one. There are lots of beautiful places you can go to without spending your entire household budget. Be creative. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a family getaway on a limited budget.


  1. Create a plan and schedule fun activities for the kids.

If going on a summer destination is not within your family’s budget, you can always create fun filled activities for your kids to enjoy. You can schedule different activities every day that will allow the young children to have fun while also improving their learning and creativity skills.

Teaching your kids to play traditional Filipino street games will help them stay in shape. Painting with watercolor and doing some gardening will help develop talent and skills. These are just a few of the things you can introduce to your kids to give them a more memorable and educational summer.


  1. Unplug your gadgets and go offline.

One of the drawbacks of living in the digital age is that people can’t seem to peel away from their electronic gadgets. Everything nowadays is about social media, mobile games, and similar whatnots. Kids today know more about Clash of Clans than patintero or tumbang preso (traditional Filipino street games), and teenagers talk more on social media than to the actual person in front of them.

Make this summer more memorable by unplugging your gadget and going offline. Talk to your kids, figure out what they’re up to, and learn things from each other. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn by talking and using your mouth, not your thumbs.


  1. Watch your favorite movies while enjoying a snack.

How does watching a movie make for a memorable summer? Never underestimate the power of companionship. No matter how many times you’ve watched a particular movie, the experience will always be different because of who you’re with, not because of the movie.

Spend a Sunday afternoon with your family and watch a nice movie or two. Without a doubt, you’ll be reminiscing that special moment for years to come.

As for the snacks, keeping things healthy is always a good idea. But it doesn’t hurt to give way to your cravings and treat everyone to a box or two of pizza, right? But if you’re looking for something more Filipino, SLERS chicharon is definitely a must-have. Popcorn might be a more popular snack when watching movies, but it’s no match against mouthwatering crispy chicharon dipped in vinegar.

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SLERS Express Meals: Your Favorite Filipino Meals Made Express

Taste the Goodness of Your All-Time Favorite SLERS Products at Affordable Prices

Before becoming a household name, SLERS started as a personal hobby of Ofelia Cosin Pelaez, or “Fely” as she is known to her friends and family. In 1969, Fely learned to make traditional smoked country hams in her home in Bukidnon. Soon after, friends and family began buying her hams for Christmas dinners.

The house where the first ham was made in 1969.
The house where the first ham was made in 1969.

Fely’s American-style ham became so popular that it quickly transformed from a simple hobby of a school teacher to a cottage industry, and eventually a family business that has become synonymous with high-quality hams and other meat products.


The name SLERS is actually an acronym of the nicknames of all five of Fely’s children; Shirley, Litlit, Earl, Ray, and Sharon. It was in 1987 when Fely and her husband moved to Cagayan de Oro to retire and Fely’s daughter, Litlit, or Mercedes Pelaez Mejia, took over the business.


The Transformation of SLERS Hams to a Multi-Product Enterprise

By the late 80s, SLERS began offering more than just American-style hams. With Litlit at the helm, SLERS started producing more diverse products, which began with the introduction of the SLERS Tocino, even though her mom Fely was initially against the idea.

products 19

Today, SLERS is one of the most successful family-owned companies in the country, offering a diverse menu, from their flagship ham, Jamon Cagayan de Oro, to a wide range of food products including pork barbecue, Tocino de Cagayan, fresh native chorizo, beef pastrami, smoked country bacon, and longganisa de Cagayan.

That’s not all.

For meat lovers who want to try the different SLERS products without having to buy an entire pack of smoked ham or a whole kilo of tocino, they offer the SLERS Express Meals diner. The place to go if you want to check out their high-quality food products or simply want to grab a bite of your favorite traditional Filipino meal.

The diner offers a great selection of different meat products prepared just the way you like it.


The SLERS Express Meals Menu at Student-Friendly Prices

Apart from the quality, SLERS is also known for the reasonable prices of their meat products. The express meal diner continues the tradition of providing topnotch food at affordable prices. Their student-friendly meals are among the most popular, since a large chunk of the diner’s clientele, and even their food stalls, are students.


Here are some of the food items you will find on their eclectic menu:


  • Hamdesal Sandwich – A popular item on the menu, the hamdesal sandwich is a delicious treat, combining the pandesal—a classic Filipino favorite—with a slice of SLERS sweet ham and fresh lettuce. It’s the perfect affordable meal for someone on the go.



  • Grilled Pork Belly – For any meat lover, the pork belly is one of the most beloved hog parts. You add SLERS’ time-tested preparation and cooking techniques in the mix, and you have a delicious and satisfying meal that’s not too heavy on the wallet.



  • Ham and Cheese Sandwich – A classic combo. SLERS quality ham and cheese stuffed in bread, is there anything else better?



  • Tocino Meal – Before Litlit first introduced the tocino back in the day, sweet meat was virtually unheard of in CDO. Today, it’s one of the most popular meat products among Kagay-anons, especially when it’s from SLERS.



  • Chicharice – Kagay-anons are among the biggest fans of SLERS chicharon, another creation that has made SLERS a truly multi-product business. And one of the reasons why it’s so popular is because it’s more than just a snack. SLERS chicharon is just as good, if not better, as a meal by pairing it with fried rice.



Those are just a few of the offerings you can find at the SLERS express meal diner. In addition, they also offer a couple of equally tasty desserts at very affordable prices; the coco banana flan and the buko pandan.


You can check out these delicious and affordable meals in one of two locations; at the ground floor of Gaisano City, along Corrales Ave. and at the South Bank Plaza Bldg., along the corner of Velez and Yacapin Streets.

So what are you waiting for? Call you friends and head over to SLERS Express Meals and fill your tummies with amazing dishes that are masterfully created and perfected by SLERS since 1969.

SLERS Treats for Christmas and New Year – More than Just Ham

Among the highlights of the Pinoy Noche Buena is when the Christmas ham is served, and when we talk of Christmas ham, Cagayan de Oro is blessed to have some sumptuous homegrown hams.

Of course, one of the all-time favorite CDO homegrown hams is the one that started it all—SLERS ham. This brand of ham has been loved by Filipinos not only in CDO, but also in various parts of the country (even as far as Metro Manila) since 1969.

Pinoy Noche Buena

Of course, there is a perfectly good reason for people to love the SLERS ham. For one thing, it barely needs cooking. And it can satisfy the hunger of several people, making it an ideal food to serve if you have a sizeable number of guests for Christmas.

But it’s not just the ham that people have come to enjoy among the SLERs products. Some of their other products offerings have also become a favorite for Christmas and New Year. Here we will talk about the various SLERS products you may want to partake of during your Christmas and New Year celebrations.



Of course this would be first on our list. As mentioned earlier, the Christmas ham has been a Noche Buena mainstay for years and people have come to like serving it during Media Noche as well. The good thing about the SLERS ham is that it comes in several varieties, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your taste and needs.

  • Jamon Cagayan de Oro


This is known as the ham that started it all. Back in the 1960s, when Fely Pelaez first tried her hand at making ham, this was the variety that she learned and later perfected. This was also the first kind of ham that she served to family and friends, and later started selling. Even to this day, this still remains the flagship product of the company.

  • The Picnic Ham


This is a smaller leg of ham that’s cured and prepared in the same way the original Jamon is. If your Christmas and New Year gatherings are quite small, then this could be the perfect ham for you.

  • The Sweet Ham


This is a lightly-spiced pear-shaped ham that has just the right kind of sweetness Pinoys love. This is perfect for when you’re preparing sandwiches or are having a Christmas and/or New Year dinner with just your immediate family.


  • The Country-Style Ham


Do you want to have ham for Christmas and New Year, but are worried that budget is tight? Well, this could be the solution to your dilemma! This mildly-cured, naturally smoked, and perfectly grilled ham is affordable enough for those working on a tight budget.


Other SLERS Meat Products

Not in the mood for ham? Or perhaps you want to serve other meat products aside from ham for your Christmas and New Year dinner. Here’s what SLERS has to offer:

  • Tocino de Cagayan


  • Longganisa de Cagayan


  • Fresh Native Chorizo
  • Pork Chorizo


  • Chicken Loaf
  • Smoked Country Bacon


  • Thick Bacon
  • Smoked Liempo


  • Smoked Pork Loin
  • Beef Pastrami


With all these delicious options, is there really anything else you can ask for?



We all know that Christmas and New Year gatherings don’t end after dinner. In most cases, it’s a “morning the night” scenario. So, whether you choose to play some video games, have a videoke session, watch some movies, or just spend the night chatting with family and friends, why not do so with a bottle (or two) of wine and some SLERS pica-pica products?

  • Chicharon


This is another all-time favorite from SLERS. Many people have come to love the SLERS chicharon and enjoy it as a snack or even as a viand (chicharice, anyone?). Of course, it can also be the ideal pulutan!


  • Banana Chips


This Pinoy delicacy has just the right kind of sweetness for the Filipino palate. It also has the kind of crunch we love to pair up with our favorite drinks. Isn’t it just fun to munch on a delicious treat while spending time with loved ones and enjoying our favorite pastimes?

  • Peanuts


Fried, with aromatic toasted garlic, this is how Pinoys like their peanuts! And this is exactly how SLERS prepares the peanuts they have to offer. And you’ll be sure to love the fact that it’s always fresh and crunchy. Munch away!

Christmas and New Year gatherings are never complete without our favorite food treats. And that is why it’s never complete without SLERS.

SLERS Holiday Hams – A Highlight of the Noche Buena Feast

The holiday ham is one of the mainstays of the Pinoy Noche Buena. Every year, when Filipino families gather for their Christmas feast, the holiday ham is likely to be part of the main fare.


There is indeed good reason for ham being a holiday favorite. It is common for families to prepare a lot of food for Noche Buena. The good thing about ham is that it barely needs cooking and it can be served to a good number of people.

And when we talk about holiday hams in the Philippines, the hams of Cagayan de Oro are among the most popular and well-loved all over the country. Of course, a favorite of Kagay-anons is the holiday ham that started it all in the first place—SLERS ham.

A Good Number of Options

One of the best things about SLERS ham, aside from the fact that it is really flavorful and mouthwateringly delicious, is that there are a good number of options for you to choose from. This means you can still get to enjoy your Christmas ham even when you only have a small budget to work with.

Here are the SLERS ham products you may want to consider for your Noche Buena this year:


  • Jamon Cagayan de Oro


You could say this is THE ham that started it all. Cured the old-fashioned way and then traditionally smoked before being cooked with fresh pineapple, this is the flagship product of SLERS and a favorite among ham lovers since 1969.

  • Picnic Ham


This is cured and flavored in the same way as Jamon Cagayan de Oro, but it is a smaller leg of ham trimmed from pork shoulder with the skin on and the bone in. Perfect for smaller family gatherings.

  • Sweet Ham


This is a pear-shaped ham that is lightly spiced so as to bring out just the right kind of sweetness you want in your ham. If you’re having Noche Buena with just your immediate family, this could be the perfect ham for you.

  • Country Style Ham


A mildly cured ham that has been naturally smoked and then grilled to perfection, this is the ideal ham for those who are on a budget but don’t want to miss out on good food for Noche Buena.

Christmas will be here before we know it. It is best to start planning your Noche Buena menu as early as now, and SLERS ham definitely should be on it.