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SLERS Express Meals – A New Twist to All-time Favorites

When Mercedes Pelaez Mejia took the helm of their business, she started implementing a series of innovations, and she hasn’t stopped since. She is, in fact, credited for making SLERS the multi-product enterprise that we know and love today. One of the most notable changes she implemented was the introduction of SLERS Express Meals. She figured that the best way to get more people to try their products is to give them the opportunity to taste it without having to buy an entire pack. And what better way to do that than to establish a diner that serves their meat products?


Among the best things about SLERS Express Meals is that they have a wide selection of equally delicious meals, the food is highly affordable, and you don’t have to wait too long for your meal to be served. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, these are the food choices you can enjoy at SLERS Express Meals:

  1. Hamdesal – The pandesal is a classic Pinoy favorite and it is made even more delicious when it is turned into a sandwich, with fresh lettuce and a slice of SLERS sweet ham. And guess what? The family behind SLERS makes their own bread as well! So you can be sure the pandesal served in SLERS Express Meals is just as tasty as the ham between the slices.
  2. Batchoy – Another Filipino classic, the batchoy is a favorite for both meals and snacks. At SLERS Express Meals, it is served with tender pork cutlets and an all-time favorite among Kagay-anons—SLERS chicharon! Savor its goodness at any time of the day.
  3. Chicharice – It is a well-known fact in Cagayan de Oro that SLERS chicharon makes for a delicious snack, but did you know it’s just as good when paired with fried rice? Try it and discover for yourself what the chicharice hype is all about.
  4. Grilled Pork Belly – Most Filipinos are meat lovers, and pork belly is one of the hog parts we love the most. When it’s marinated and cooked the SLERS way, you just know it’s going to be sinfully delicious, especially when served with a cup of rice and a side dish of atchara. Yummy!
  5. BBQ – Another popular meat dish among Filipinos is the pork barbecue, especially if it’s tender, juicy, and marinated to perfection. And that is exactly what you’ll experience when you try the BBQ meal at SLERS Express Meals—mouthwateringly juicy, deliciously tender meat barbecued just the way you like it!
  6. Tocino – When Mercedes first told her mother that she wanted to include tocino in their product lineup, Fely was skeptical; she thought Kagay-anons wouldn’t appreciate sweet meat. But appreciate it they did! And tocino is now one of the most popular meat dishes in CDO and its neighboring areas. Of course, you’ll appreciate this sweet meat even more when it’s made by SLERS.
  7. Special Sisig – The SLERS team are really going all-out in making sure the public’s cravings are satisfied by serving practically all of our all-time favorites. The sisig is not just a favorite pulutan among Pinoys; it has also become a popular viand. And you’ll love it even more when you discover what makes SLERS sisig so special—the traditional sizzling sisig is mixed with our beloved chicharon! Why simply go for sizzling when you can have CRISPY SIZZLING SISIG?
  8. Bacon – One simply does not live without bacon. SLERS knows this and they have made sure their bacon is well worth your while. Just the right thickness, just the right saltiness, just the right crisp. When served with a cup of rice and one sunny-side-up fried egg, it makes for the perfect breakfast, indeed. But you don’t have to wake up early to enjoy this treat because they serve it at the Express Meals all day long!


While enjoying any of the sumptuous meals listed above, you may also order either (or both) of the delicious desserts served at SLERS Express Meals. They have leche flan and buko pandan, each of which is enough to truly complete your express meal experience.


Now perhaps you’re raring to go and sample the delicious meals mentioned above and are wondering: “Where is this SLERS diner located?” You’ll be happy to know there are two SLERS Express Meals in CDO! One is located at the Ground Floor of Gaisano City and the other is along Velez Street. There’s no time to waste! Try the SLERS meals so you’ll know just what we’re talking about.

A SLERS Guide to Carving Ham

Every year, when the Yuletide season begins, we start seeing TV commercials and hearing radio ads for country-style smoked ham, or what is now popularly known as the Christmas ham. And for most people, these advertisements can be so enticing, making them want to order a leg of ham for Noche Buena. However, there are many who hesitate to buy ham for one simple reason: They’re not quite sure how to carve it.

We at SLERS want you to enjoy your Noche Buena to the fullest, so we’re showing you how to carve a leg of ham. Don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it’s as easy as 1…2…3…

How to Carve a SLERS Leg Ham from Clix Cagayan de Oro on Vimeo.


  • You may use a ham stand for ease in carving a leg of ham. Make sure the fixtures on the stand are adequately tightened and the ham is secure so it doesn’t slide off when you start carving.
  • If you don’t have a ham stand, you could simply place the leg of ham on a cutting board and hold it firmly with one hand while carving with the other.
  • To make the perfect cuts, be sure to use a really sharp knife.


Chicharice – A Unique, Crunchy Surprise from SLERS

If you’ve ever been to Cagayan de Oro, have lived here, or are currently living here, then you have most likely heard of SLERS, the brand that introduced American country-style ham to the country. A lot has happened since SLERS sold their first few legs of ham over four decades ago. The company has diversified their products and ventured into other branches of the food industry.


Nine years ago, SLERS Express Meals was born out of the SLERS owners’ desire to allow the general public to sample their products by venturing into the quick service restaurant industry. Conveniently located at the ground floor of Gaisano City Mall, right in the heart of Cagayan de Oro’s Central Business District, Express Meals was meant not only to give people a chance to enjoy SLERS products at more affordable prices, but also to give them ideas on how to prepare these products in more fun and unique ways.

One such innovation offered by SLERS at their Express Meals restaurant is the Chicharice. This is basically our beloved fried rice with a twist. As the name suggests, the main ingredients of the dish is cooked rice and the famous SLERS chicharon. Most of those who have tried the dish will agree that it is one of the best reasons to visit the restaurant more often.

But what if you just don’t have the opportunity to dine at SLERS Express Meals as often as you want? In that case, why not try preparing this simple but mouthwatering dish on your own?

It’s easy! You simply need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 3 cloves garlic (chopped)
  • 1 small onion (chopped)
  • A strip of pork belly (marinated and chopped)
  • 1 egg
  • A bowl of cooked rice
  • SLERS special chicharon
  • Spring onions

Okay, now let’s get on with the cooking. You know how to make a scrambled egg, right? Well that’s the first thing you need to do. As soon as your scrambled egg is ready, set it aside and then start sautéing the onion and garlic on low heat until their aroma is released and the garlic is golden brown in color. Add the pork belly and continue sautéing until the meat is cooked. Now add the rice and scrambled egg, and then mix all ingredients together. Your dish is now ready for plating!

Plating your home-cooked chicharice such that it looks as appetizing as the dish served in the SLERS Express Meals restaurant is as easy as cooking the dish. Simply mold the fried rice in a small bowl and then set it on a plate. Top the rice with a few pieces of SLERS special chicharon (you can use the regular SLERS chicharon if you like, but the special chicharon looks a lot more enticing, don’t you agree?) and then garnish with chopped spring onions.

Ta-da! You are now ready to serve your very own version of the SLERS chicharice!

Eating at home doesn’t have to be a boring, repetitive experience. You can easily jazz it up by preparing simple but fun dishes, taking your cue from SLERS and their delicious express meals. The next time you find yourself near a SLERS store or Pica-Pica cart, don’t forget to grab a pack (or more) of their special chicharon so you can enjoy some chicharice with your family within the comfort of your own home. You could even turn the preparation into a bonding experience by letting your children assist you in plating the dish. Now, what can be more fun than that?

The simplicity of their dishes and the unique twist they tend to lend to Pinoy favorites are indeed among the main reasons why SLERS Express Meals has remained strong in the nine years it has been in operation. Today, it has become a landmark for simple, affordable, and delicious meals in the City of Golden Friendship. Locals and tourists alike commend it not only for serving quick meals, but especially for always maintaining high quality in their food, something the SLERS brand has been known for since 1969.

The good news is that you can bring that quality and sense of fun into your own home by preparing meals the way SLERS does, and the chicharice is definitely a good place to start. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this dish will be a sure hit with your loved ones. You may even want to go a step further and serve the dish during a weekend get-together with friends. Have fun and enjoy!

SLERS Crispy Sisig – Sizzling Sisig with a Twist!

Sisig is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines. Although it originated in the Northern province, which is also known as the country’s culinary capital—Pampanga—the dish has become well-known and well-loved all over the country. This is perhaps the most versatile dish you’ll ever find. It can be categorized both as an appetizer and as a main dish. And while it was originally composed of chopped pig’s face (ears and snout included) and chicken liver, you will now find hundreds of variations, from ones composed of chopped pork belly to those with seafood as its main ingredient.


Indeed, there are as many versions of the sisig as there are carinderias and restaurants that sell them. Of course, SLERS isn’t going to be left behind. The local brand that introduced American county-style ham to the country has diversified their business and ventured into the world of quick meals with their SLERS Express Meals restaurant. And because it is a Pinoy favorite, sisig is one of the dishes they offer. As you may have expected, they have their own version of this sumptuous dish.

If you’re anywhere near the Gaisano City Mall, don’t forget to drop by SLERS Express Meals so you can enjoy their delicious Crispy Sizzling Sisig. And if you like it enough (as we’re sure you will) to want to cook it at home so you can enjoy it with family and friends, here are the things you need to prepare:

  • 200 grams SLERS sisig
  • 1 pack SLERS chicharon (crushed)
  • 1 egg

Yes, you read that right. You can now buy a pack of fully-cooked SLERS sisig. It is available at Robinson’s CDO and any SLERS store near you. Now, that makes things a lot easier, doesn’t it? Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s proceed with the cooking…

Get your hot plate out and heat it on your electric stove or gas range. If you don’t have a hot plate and are okay with a “non-sizzling” version of the SLERS crispy sisig, you may skip this part and just prepare a plate on which to serve your sisig.

Now, heat up the SLERS sisig on a skillet. As soon as it is hot enough, transfer it to the hot plate (or the serving plate, as the case may be) and then add your favorite SLERS chicharon. To make the sisig extra special, you may add a whole egg and then mix all the components well. You are now ready to serve your very own crispy sisig!

If you have your own recipe for the all-time favorite sisig, you may use that and then simply add the chicharon and egg to convert the dish into your take on the SLERS crispy sisig. By why go through the hassle when SLERS has made things easy and convenient for us?

The simplicity of their dishes and the ease with which they can be prepared are, in fact, among the main reasons why people—locals and tourists alike—have come to appreciate SLERS Express Meals. And a huge part of why the brand itself has been able to maintain its popularity for more than four decades is that they make it easy for everyone to adopt SLERS dishes as their own.

SLERS is known for providing high-quality food products all the time. Whether you’re buying one of their popular hams, enjoying one of their sandwiches at the SLERS café, or dining with your loved ones at the Express Meals restaurant, you are assured of getting good food at very reasonable prices. And you can bring home the SLERS quality simply by preparing the kinds of food you’ll find at their restaurant right within the comfort of your own home. As shown above, it is easy enough to do so!

The next time you cook for your family, or if you need to prepare lunch for a weekend gathering with family and friends, take your cue from SLERS and keep it simple but delicious. Start practicing your own version of the SLERS crispy sisig now; by the time your friends come over and ask you to prepare food for them, you’ll be ready to wow them with this mouthwatering sisig with a twist!

It never hurts to learn from the experts, and where high-quality, delicious food is concerned, SLERS is definitely is an expert. They’ve been proving their expertise since 1969; there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from it. Bon appétit!

Fely’s Story

It was the mid-1960s and my husband was working for Del Monte Pineapple Corporation, so we lived in Camp Philips, Bukidnon, just like many other Del Monte workers and their families did. Being an American company, Del Monte had a tradition of giving away one leg of American country-style ham to each of their staff every Christmas. My husband’s family, who hails from Cebu, loved the ham so much that I decided to try making my own. You see, hogs at that time were really small, so with just the one leg of ham we receive each Christmas, there wasn’t really much to share.

So I set about learning how to make American country-style ham. It wasn’t that difficult because I already had a passion for cooking. It was a lengthy process, though—the curing alone takes at least 30 days. To make sure the meat was perfectly cured, I had to tie my refrigerator with a ribbon so no one would open it and disrupt the curing process! When my friends would come for a visit, they would ask why there was a ribbon around my refrigerator and I would say it was a secret.

Finally, when my first batch of ham was ready, I had friends over for dinner and revealed my secret. To my delight, they all loved the ham that I prepared and suggested that I start selling them. I had already thought of making a small business out of my newfound hobby, but the recommendation of my friends was perhaps the final push that I needed. As a courtesy to Del Monte, which was providing us with free housing and utilities (electricity, water, etc.), I informed them of my plans to sell American country-style ham. Fortunately, they approved of my plans. And that was how SLERS* began.

At the time, the only kind of ham being sold in the country was Chinese ham. So when I started selling my own style of ham and sending some to my husband’s family in Cebu, people loved it primarily because it was something new; an alternative to Chinese ham. In making my own ham, I combined the American and Chinese styles; the SLERS ham was meaty, juicy, and not too salty. Soon enough, I was getting orders, not just from our neighborhood, but from other parts of the country as well. In fact, there were orders from as far as Metro Manila!

In 1969, the business was registered with the National Cottage Industries Development Administration (NACIDA) and I was granted a PHP5,000 loan. Among my first loyal customers were military officers who sent helicopters from Manila to Bukidnon just to buy SLERS ham. One day, I was amazed when I received a bulk order from the National Sugar Trading Corporation (NASUTRA) in Manila for 5,000 legs of ham! I wasn’t even sure I could make that many hams, but with the help of my husband, who created a makeshift cold storage for my business, and a few assistants, we were able to deliver. Those hams had to be shipped in a 20-ft refrigerated container van!

I had fun running my ham business from our humble home in Bukidnon. But in 1987, my husband and I came to Cagayan de Oro and we both decided to retire. My daughter, Litlit, had just come home from Manila and I decided to turn the business over to her. I am glad I did because she has proven very capable and has expanded the business to the SLERS you know today.

SLERS is an acronym that stands for Shirley, Litlit, Earl, Ray, and Sharon—the nicknames of Fely’s five children.

When asked what the secret of SLERS’ success is, Fely was quick to answer: “Quality, of course! Through the years, we have never compromised on the quality of our products and we never will.”