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Halloween Pica-pica and Get-together Suggestions for All Hallows’ Eve

Halloween is a fun time for kids, with the trick-or-treating, parties, and other activities to take part in. But Halloween isn’t just for kids. Adults like you and me can have fun on All Hallows’ Eve, too!

Even if you aren’t fond of costume parties, you can still get your family and friends together to enjoy a relaxing time together, especially since we have a super long weekend to look forward to at the end of this month. Read on as we share with you some of the things you can do on this Halloween weekend…


Scream Your Lungs Out with a Horror Movie Marathon!

The funny thing about people is that we love to scare ourselves. Well, then, Halloween is definitely the best time of the year for you and your loved ones to get a good scare. And one very effective way to do that is to watch a bunch of horror movies.

Do a quick online search for good horror movies and draw up a list of movies to watch as early as now. After all, All Hallows’ Eve is just around the corner. And don’t forget to prepare something to munch on for your horror marathon as well. Other than the usual popcorn and chichiria, you may want to grab some SLERS chicharon, too.


Unwind with an Intimate Cocktail Get-together

Sometimes the only thing it takes for you to relieve yourself of stress and recharge is some quiet time with the people closest to you. You may want to take the opportunity to get these people together during the long Halloween weekend. A relaxing cocktail get-together should do the trick. Here are some snacks you can prepare for the occasion:

  1. BOB

No, of course we’re not suggesting that you eat someone named Bob! What we are suggesting is a simple yet delicious treat for you and your guests this Halloween—Brie on Bread.

All you need to do is buy your favorite French bread, cut it into bite-sized pieces and then put a slice of Brie on each piece of bread. Voila! You have a tasty treat for your cocktail gathering.


This is the ultimate go-to treat, especially when you don’t have to think about your menu too much. After all, who doesn’t love pizza?

Choose two or three flavors and have each pizza sliced into bite-sized squares so your guests can easily enjoy it during your get-together.

3. Mini Sandwiches

Make sandwiches as you normally would and then slice each sandwich into four to make bite-sized versions. Yes, it’s that easy to prepare good food for a cocktail gathering with your loved ones!

We suggest you whip up sandwiches using your favorite loaf of bread, cheese, and SLERS ham—a concoction that’s simple yet mouthwateringly good.

4. Pie Crust Dippers with Banana-Nutella Dip

You may buy any brand of refrigerated pie crust you want. Roll it out, cut into your preferred shapes using cookie cutters, and then bake for about 10 minutes (until edges are golden brown).

Puree two medium-sized bananas and then mix it with half a cup of Nutella and eight ounces of Lite Cool Whip. Enjoy!

5. Bacon and Parmesan Pasta

Yes, you’re just having cocktails, but you can’t deny the fact that Filipinos will always appreciate something heavier than finger food at any gathering. So, to satisfy guests who may want a heavy snack to go with their drinks, you may want to prepare this flavorful pasta dish.

You may use either rigatoni or farfalle for this dish, which is easy enough to prepare. Simply make white sauce and then throw in the cooked pasta and some parmesan cheese. Add some SLERS bacon (cut into small pieces) and greens (basil or parsley) for added flavor.


These are just two suggestions on how you can enjoy your super long weekend this Halloween. Remember, Halloween pica-pica doesn’t have to look like ghosts and ghouls, and you don’t have to be in costume to have a proper Halloween get-together. What’s important is for you to have a good time with the people you want to spend this occasion with.


And in case you just want some alone time during the upcoming long weekend, then why not plan a quick weekend getaway? For a day trip, you could bring SLERS ham sandwiches to keep hunger at bay. For a trip that’s a bit longer, you may want to bring SLERS chicharon, banana chips, or peanuts to munch on throughout your vacation. Whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to go, have fun!

Various Ways to Enjoy Bacon

Bacon is one food many people admit to not being able to live without. If you, too, are a bacon lover, then you would surely appreciate the following recipes that use bacon bits. No matter how much you love a particular food, it can get boring if it’s prepared in the same way every single time. So give one or more of these recipes a try!



One of the most common ways to use bacon bits is as a salad ingredient. Here are some of the best salads with bacon bits we’ve come across:

1. Fresh Greens and Avocado Salad

Mix your favorite fresh greens with sliced avocado and then top with bacon bits. You may also add shaved parmesan cheese to it and a dressing of plain yogurt, Dijon mustard, green onions, agave nectar, and apple cider vinegar.

2. Tomatoes and Lettuce Salad

Mix tomatoes (preferably cherry tomatoes) with romaine lettuce and then top with parmesan-bacon crisps. Prepare the parmesan-bacon crisps by combining bacon bits and parmesan cheese, and then baking the mixture until golden brown. You may top the salad with a dressing of anchovies, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce.

3. Fresh Summer Salad

Mix watermelon slices, halved strawberries, halved cherry tomatoes, thinly-sliced cucumber, cubed feta cheese, mint leaves, chopped spring onions, olive oil, and red wine vinegar together. Add salt and pepper to taste, and then top with crispy fried smoked bacon bits.



Other than salads, bacon can also be a perfect ingredient for adding flavor and texture to pasta recipes. Here are our favorites:

1. Bacon and Parmesan Pasta

This recipe is similar to a carbonara, but is creamier and less eggy. The beauty of this recipe lies in the fact that after making the white sauce, you can add ingredients based on what you can find in your kitchen.

2. Squash, Bacon, and Goat Cheese Pasta

This is one pasta dish you can prepare in a cinch. Just caramelize some onions, fry your bacon, cook the pasta, sauté the squash, slice some basil, and then throw them all together (seasoned to taste), along with some goat cheese.

3. Creamy Pasta with Tomato, Bacon, and Ricotta

This is another recipe that’s ideal for times when you only have under an hour to prepare something delicious for your loved ones. Simply put a pot of water on to boil and then cook your bacon until golden brown. Add chopped onion and peppers, garlic, tomatoes, salt, and red pepper flakes. While the sauce simmers, cook the pasta in the now-boiling water. Add ricotta cheese to the sauce before spooning it onto the cooked and drained pasta.


Other Recipes

Other than salads and pasta recipes, here are other delicious ways you can enjoy your favorite bacon bits:

1. Street-Style Grilled Corn

Grilled corn is a common sight in our markets and a popular treat, especially among children. You can tweak it a little and serve it during a weekend get-together with family and friends. Simply brush the grilled corn with mayonnaise and then roll it in crispy fried and finely crumbled bacon. You may also sprinkle it with chili powder for added bite and serve with lime wedges for a more tropical appeal.

2. Bacon-Cakes and Berries

This is a simple yet mouthwateringly delicious treat to prepare. Just prepare buttermilk pancake batter and then stir crispy fried bacon bits into the batter. Lightly grease a skillet and then cook the pancake in batches over medium heat. Once cooked, you may top your pancakes with fresh berries and serve them with maple syrup.

3. Grilled Onion Crostini

Onion isn’t something many people appreciate, but when paired with bacon and prepared in this manner, you’ll be sure to give it some consideration. Spread softened cream cheese on French baguette slices and then top with grilled onions (thinly sliced) and crispy fried bacon bits. Sprinkle chopped thyme leaves on top, and then add pepper to taste.

Of course, the easiest way to enjoy your favorite bacon is simply to fry it and then serve with toast or rice. But if you’re in the mood for a little creativity and you want to enjoy a classic foodie favorite in interesting ways, then why not try any of the recipes mentioned above?

Food is as much an experience as it is a necessity for our health and nourishment. This is why it is often a good idea to learn new ways of preparing old favorites. And with bacon, you can never go wrong!

SLERS – Offering Healthy Baon Options for Your Kids

It’s back-to-school time! This means you will once again have to prepare your kids’ baon every day. Of course, you could simply give your kids some money so they can buy food from the school canteen. But how can you be sure they’ll choose healthy snacks? If you want to make sure, then it’s best that you prepare their baon instead.


Healthy Choices from SLERS

When it comes to healthy baon, SLERS is one of the best brands to choose. They have a variety of products that are not only healthy, but delicious as well. Your kids will be sure to love their baon, and you won’t have to worry about them constantly eating junk food. Here are our top five choices of SLERS products that are ideal for your children’s baon:


  • Chicharon

If your kids only require light snacks, then they could snack on a pack of regular chicharon. The crunchy goodness of this treat will make them feel like they’re enjoying chips, but you are assured they’re eating something healthier. If your kids’ normal school activities call for heavy snacks/light meal, then you may want to prepare your own version of the SLERS chicharice simply by packing rice in a lunch box and then topping it with SLERS chicharon special.


Chicharon special has bits of meat in it (unlike regular chicharon, which is purely pork rind), making it a simple yet delicious viand. If your children have more adventurous taste buds, you may even want to give them fiery chicharon, which will surely add some zing to their baon. And here’s some wonderful news for you: SLERS currently has a 3-for-100 promo for their chicharon!


  • Smoked Country Bacon

Everybody loves bacon, right? So your kids will be sure to appreciate having bacon for their baon. You could simply pack bacon and rice in a lunch box or prepare a quick bacon-and-egg sandwich. But if you want to make your kids’ baon more interesting, why not prepare bacon and cheese strata? It is easy enough to find a recipe online, and the dish is easy enough to prepare. The good thing about bacon is not only that kids love them, but also that you can prepare it in so many delicious ways.


  • Tocino de Cagayan

This is another delicious food item that goes well with steamed rice. It also goes well with another Pinoy favorite—sinangag (fried rice). And while pork tocino may not be as versatile as bacon as far as recipes go, that doesn’t mean you’re left with no choice but to pack it in a lunch box with rice. There are still a few ways you can make your children’s tocino baon more interesting. For example, you could prepare Vietnamese spring roll and make it extra special by throwing in strips of cooked tocino. This is an especially good idea if you want to encourage your children to eat vegetables.


  • Sweet Ham

The easiest way to prepare these delicious cold cuts is, of course, to slap them onto pieces of bread for a sandwich or, again, to pack them in a lunch box with steamed rice. But if you want to make snack time more fun for your kids, take some time to prepare something attractive, but still healthy and yummy. One suggestion would be for you to make pinwheel bites, which simply requires flattening a few slices of wheat bread, topping it with mayonnaise, ham, and cheese, and then rolling it up and cutting it into bite-size pieces. Done!


  • Chicken Loaf

Children love burgers. Well, you can make your own version with the SLERS chicken loaf. Since these cold cuts are shaped in circular slices, you could buy burger buns and simply slap on a slice of chicken loaf and cheese for a healthy sandwich. You may add mayonnaise and ketchup if your kids like them so they’ll feel like they’re really eating a hamburger, only healthier and a lot tastier. And just like the other meat products offered by SLERS, this makes for a delicious viand as well, so you can serve it with rice if you want.


With the mouthwatering fare offered by SLERS Industries, you can make sure your children eat healthy snacks whether at home or in school. For light snacks they can munch on during break time, SLERS also offers banana chips and peanuts. The wide variety of options offered by SLERS helps ensure that you’ll never run out of ideas where your kids’ healthy snacks are concerned.



SLERS Featured in Tripinas!

SLERS Featured in Tripinas!

SLERS is one of the most well-known brands in Cagayan de Oro City. It is also one of the city’s homegrown brands, although not many people are aware of this fact, with some Kagay-anons thinking that SLERS is a national or even an international brand.

Just recently, SLERS gained national attention when Solenn Heussaff, Stephen Rey Tagud, and the whole Tripinas team visited the SLERS Country Store in Alae, Bukidnon last February 8, 2016 and featured SLERS in their April 23, 2016 episode. Tripinas is a travel show hosted by Heussaff and Tagud, airing every Saturday at 11AM on GMA News TV.

SLERS Featured in Tripinas!

Inspired by the advocacy of 2GO Travel’s TRIP Magazine (Tagud is the Vice President of 2GO Travel), which is to bring travel adventures to everyone, Tripinas aims to feature interesting places, food, and adventures that can only be found in the Philippines. Heussaff once said in an interview that the show gives her the opportunity not only to travel around the country, “but to show Filipinos and the rest of the world how much more beautiful this country is.”

Going National

It is a source of pride for Cagayan de Oro and the company itself for SLERS to be counted among the most unique and interesting things the Philippines has to offer. The Tripinas episode featuring SLERs began with Stephen giving a brief background of the company. Solenn was then shown entering the SLERS Country Store in Alae, Bukidnon with SLERS Managing Director Mercedes Pelaez Mejia and checking out the various SLERS products.

Mercedes, or Litlit, as she is fondly called by family and friends, then brought Solenn to the factory where she shared the meaning of SLERS (an acronym that stands for Shirley, Litlit, Earl, Ray, and Sharon—the names of the five Pelaez children) and gave Solenn a background on how the business started. She then proceeded to show Solenn how all the products are processed, all the while sharing the story of how her mother, Fely Pelaez started making her own version of the American-style ham, which led to the inception of SLERS.

SLERS Featured in Tripinas!

Solenn also learned what makes SLERS products different from similar products out on the market and how the brand manages to set itself apart from the competition. Furthermore, she learned how the company grew from a cottage industry into a diversified, multi-product business. Finally, they talked about the management’s plans for the company this year, particularly the plan to make SLERS products easily available to a wider customer base. Solenn even asked if they have plans of bringing SLERS to Manila and Litlit promptly answered, “Eventually, we’ll get there.”

SLERS Featured in Tripinas!

Indeed, true success cannot be achieved overnight, regardless of what business you’re in. It requires hard work, smart decision-making, and dedication. The SLERS management has definitely shown all three traits in growing their business over the years. It is therefore easy to believe that what their managing director said is right: No matter how high the goal is, eventually, this favorite Cagayan de Oro brand will get there. Let’s join them in their journey!


Flavor Fusion and SLERS

A gastronomic adventure took place at SM City Cagayan de Oro last April 8 and 9. Flavor Fusion: Flavors of Northern Mindanao, a food market that showcased the best cuisines the region has to offer, was held at the Event Center of the said mall. It featured a food market, cooking demonstration, and a cook off among culinary students.

One of the participants of the culinary festival was SLERS, CDO’s very own and manufacturer of the country’s most loved chicharon and ham. Aside from selling everyone’s favorite chicharon, the food manufacturer also made sure guests tasted their mouthwatering ham sandwiches. Of course, only SLERS ham was used in creating the sandwiches. The Jamon de Cagayan smoked ham sandwich is just one of their bestsellers.


The SLERS Flavor Fusion booth, which was located near Giordano, by the side of the stage, attracted a lot of people. Each one of them was eager to get their hands on their favorite chicharon: regular, special, and spicy. SLERS also has a “Chicharon in Bag.”



SLERS, which started as a personal culinary endeavor in 1969, is known for its American-style ham. Over the years, the company expanded and came up with other products like the chicharon. Its participation in the Flavor Fusion festival is proof that it is considered one of the pillars of the culinary industry in Northern Mindanao. In fact, this was not the first time that SLERS was invited to participate in a prestigious event. While SM City CDO’s Flavor Fusion was happening, SLERS was also in Manila for the international gastronomy event Madrid Fusion Manila. It was one of the featured ingredients in the said festival.

Aside from the booths, Flavor Fusion also featured Chef Audrey Ramos of the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro (CIC) in a special cooking demonstration. This took place on Friday, April 8. The next day, students from some of the city’s culinary schools gathered to show off their cooking prowess at the Chef’s Delight: The Cook Off competition.


SLERS’ presence was felt throughout the Flavor Fusion festival as guests could not help but exclaim how delicious and satisfying the chicharon and sandwiches were.


SLERS at Madrid Fusion Manila


Last April 7, 8, and 9, the culinary world in Manila was treated to an incredible display of unique mouthwatering dishes at the 2016 Madrid Fusion Manila. Held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, the international culinary event highlighted the theme “The Manila Galleon: East Meets West.” The event showcased a fusion of gastronomic wonders from two countries and other parts of the world.

Cagayan de Oro was represented in the highly popular culinary event. SLERS, the food manufacturing company behind the famous chicharon and ham of the same name, was an active participant in the colorful and gastronomic 3-day event. Aside from showcasing and selling different varieties of their chicharon, SLERS was also one of the featured ingredients of Madrid Fusion Manila. The festival served as an avenue for some of the best chefs of the country and the world, as well as gourmet enthusiasts and aficionados, to experience the unique, crunchy, and satisfying goodness of CDO’s favorite chicharon.

The most anticipated gastronomy event was once again hosted by David Celdran, last year’s master of ceremonies. Guests included the Secretary of State for International Kingdom Cooperation of Spain Jesus Garcia, who expressed the appreciation of the Spanish government for the organizers of Madrid Fusion Manila; and Chef Nurdin Topham, owner of Nur Restaurant. The good chef shared his experiences and insights about the relationship between nutrition and gastronomy. His discussion about how what you want to eat and what you need to eat are related focused on the need to eat delicious but healthy food.

SLERS-at-Madrid-Fusion-Manila-2SLERS’ participation in Madrid Fusion Manila is an indication of good things to come for the food manufacturing company. It was able to introduce its products, not only to the Manila culinary scene, but also to international guests.

The presence of SLERS in the recently concluded gastronomy festival is also a sign that Cagayan de Oro’s culinary scene is ready to branch out and explore opportunities offered through events like the recently concluded festival.

This year’s festival followed the highly successful Madrid Fusion Festival 2015, which had the theme “The Philippines and Spain: A 300-year Gastronomic Journey.” SLERS was handpicked and invited to participate in the prestigious event.

SLERS at the Big Bite 2016 Food Festival

March 11-13, 2016 was a heavenly weekend for all the foodies of Cagayan de Oro. It was during this weekend when Big Bite 2016: The Northern Mindanao Food Festival was held at Centrio Ayala Mall. And, oh, what a festival it was!

Big Bite highlighted the flavors and colors of summer, as well as the undeniable cooking talents and skills of Kagay-anons. Naturally, a good number of homegrown delicacies and food businesses were showcased during the festival. And whenever there’s a gathering of homegrown delicacies and businesses, would you expect SLERS to be left out? Of course not!SLERS-at-the-Big-Bite-2016-Food-Festival-2
SLERS and its sister company, Mercedes Bakery, were major sponsors of the event. As such, SLERS prepared a ham slider that was presented during the festival opening program as the Biggest Ham Sandwich. After the unveiling ceremony, VIPs and representatives of various government agencies, NGOs, and the food services industry had a bite of the delicious SLERS ham sandwich. Guests, festival participants, and media personalities were also invited to partake not only of the sandwich, but also other food preparations.

Other than giving everyone at the festival the chance to taste their mouthwatering ham sandwich, SLERS also hosted the Best Ham Sandwich Competition, which had three participating teams: Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro, Pilgrim Christian College, and Southern Philippines College.

Each participating team was given two minutes to gather the necessary ingredients from a box onstage. After that, they were given a limited time to prepare their respective sandwiches, which were presented to the judges for tasting and scoring. At the end of the competition, the team from Pilgrim Christian College was given the award for Best Ham Sandwich.

Being a major sponsor, SLERS did not stop at preparing a giant ham sandwich slider and hosting a competition. They also participated in the festival itself by displaying their products at a SLERS booth at Ayala Centrio Mall’s Ground Floor Bridgeway.

At the booth, festival goers were given the chance to taste SLERS’ sumptuous crispy sisig. SLERS is known for taking a Pinoy food favorite and making it even better. Considering how popular sisig is all over the country, we really cannot expect SLERS to pass up the opportunity to create their own version of this all-time favorite dish.

The SLERS sisig is crispy-licious because of the crushed SLERS chicharon added to the usual chopped pork. Topped with a whole egg, the SLERS sisig is made even more special and undeniably delicious. And, guess what? You can buy a pack of fully-cooked SLERS sisig, which you simply need to heat up to enjoy at home! This was on display at the SLERS booth at the Big Bite food festival, along with SLERS chicharon, of course.

Speaking of chicharon, did you know that if it wasn’t for a major problem SLERS had to overcome, we probably wouldn’t ever come to know their beloved chicharon? In 2006, their main meat supplier suddenly closed shop, leaving them scrambling to find another supplier. They ended up buying whole pigs direct from piggeries just to keep their production from going to a standstill.

When Mercedes P. Mejia, who was already managing the business by that time, checked their inventory, she found that they had a ton of pork skin that was just going to waste. Ever the innovator, she took half a kilo of the pork skin and started experimenting with chicharon recipes she got from the Internet. When she finally came up with a recipe that satisfied her, she hired a few kitchen staff and finally introduced us to the crunchy snack we have all come to know and love.

If you had visited the SLERS booth at the Big Bite 2016 Festival, you would have had the chance to get a pack of SLERS chicharon for free for every purchase of SLERS sisig. But don’t worry! You can still buy these two delicious treats at any SLERS store near you. They have booths at all major malls in the city and two SLERS Cafés along Velez Street.

What if you just want to enjoy the taste of their sisig without going through the hassle of heating it up, and crushing the chicharon to mix with the sisig? Well, you don’t have to wait for the next food festival for that. All you need to do is visit SLERS Express Meals at the Ground Floor of Gaisano City. There you’ll get to enjoy not just the sisig and chicharon, but all the other all-day breakfast favorites SLERS has prepared for you!

SLERS Takes Spotlight at the 2016 Big Bite Food Festival


The 2nd Big Bite Food Festival took place at Centrio Mall last March 11, 12, & 13. Various activities were held in the course of the 3-day event, which carried the theme “Festival of Summer”.

Just like last year’s festival, the bounties of Northern Mindanao were highlighted through different competitions. SLERS, makers of the highest quality hams and gourmet meats, was a major participant in the event. During the opening ceremonies, Department of Tourism X Regional Director Catalino E. Chan III led the slicing of the largest ham slider, which, of course, used SLERS ham. By assembling regular-sized ham sandwiches and putting them side-by-side on the tables, Big Bite Food Festival’s largest ham sandwich was created.

After the unveiling of the ham slider (which was as big as two long tables), local government representatives and VIP guests each took a bite of the sandwich. Festival participants, guests, and members of the media were also invited to partake of the sandwich. Refreshments were likewise served.

The SLERS Best Ham Sandwich Competition

One of the first events of the festival was the SLERS Best Ham Sandwich Competition, which was participated in by three of the city’s culinary and cooking schools. The competition saw students from Pilgrim Christian College, Southern Philippines College, and the Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro (CIC) unleash their culinary creativity as they raced against time in making the best tasting ham sandwich using SLERS Ham.


Secret ingredients were unveiled by the judges just before the competition started. Each competitor was also given two minutes to get all the ingredients they needed. And as soon as the clock started ticking, the student competitors started working on their sandwich masterpieces.


Mrs. Mercedes Pelaez Mejia and her son Daniel had fun judging the competition, along with Chef Candy Lu. They sampled the sandwiches and gave some tips for the student competitors. After careful deliberation, the aspiring chefs from Pilgrim Christian College were declared winners for the SLERS Best Ham Sandwich Competition.



During the 3-day food festival, Centrio Mall was decked in colorful decorations that gave off a “fiesta” feel to the whole event. Booths featuring mall and non-mall merchants’ products and services were spread all over the Centrio Garden area. There were barbecues, kakanins, merienda goodies, sweets, and delicacies. There were even fresh vegetable and fruits, along with other Misamis Oriental products.

SLERS joined in the fiesta by setting up a booth at the ground floor bridgeway and garden. The booth was a favorite of many who tried and loved SLERS’ sisig. Of course, people also flocked to the booth for their fix of the crunchy and tasty SLERS chicharon.

It was a SLERS fiesta like no other!

With its participation in the Big Bite Flavors of Summer Food Festival, SLERS firmly established its reputation as a major presence in the local and national food industry. And it will continue to deliver on its promise of creating only high quality, superior tasting ham and gourmet meats. It will continue to support local businesses and farmers by buying local produce and sourcing organic products. Through all these, SLERS will keep producing world class products that any Kagay-anon can be rightfully proud of.

SLERS Country Store – Giving You the Authentic Country Vibe

You’re on your way to Dahilayan Adventure Park, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Mindanao right now, and you are anticipating a day of exhilarating fun. You want to bring your own snacks and refreshments so you can keep your energy up throughout your adventure, or perhaps stop by a diner along the way to satisfy your appetite first before moving on to your epic adventure. Where do you go?

You’re traveling from Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon and want to bring sustenance for the long trip. You’re tired of the same old fast food fare and want to try fresh, organic food for a change. Maybe you even want to stop somewhere for breakfast or brunch before proceeding to your vacation destination. Is there a diner along the way that’ll satisfy your craving for a hearty treat?

You are a resident of Cagayan de Oro and you’ve tried just about every restaurant, diner, and fast food place in the city. Now you want to try something new; not necessarily new food, but new place, new atmosphere. You particularly want to experience an authentic “country” vibe, but you don’t want to venture too far from the city limits. What’s the best restaurant to visit?

These are just some of the situations you just might find yourself in and questions likely to come to mind at the time. Well, we have news for you! There is one good answer to all of those questions: Drop by the SLERS Country Store!

Yes, you read that right. SLERS, the company that brought us the mouthwatering country-style leg ham more than 40 years ago, the same company that introduced Cagayan de Oro to the sweet meat known as tocino, the very same company that gave us our all-time favorite chicharon now gives us another clever innovation. And they have gone back to where their story began.

If you’ve followed SLERS’ journey from a kitchen-based enterprise to a dynamic, multi-product business, then you probably already know that it was in Camp Phillips, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon that Fely Pelaez made her very first ham and it was also there where she established SLERS, with her husband’s family and a few close friends as her first customers. From that humble beginning, the enterprise grew into the leading ham supplier in Northern Mindanao, with people from as far as Metro Manila placing orders.

In the late 1980s, Mercedes Pelaez Mejia took over the running of the business and implemented a number of changes, innovations that further transformed the enterprise into the SLERS that we know today. But if you think she’s done innovating and improving SLERS, think again. She has just come up with another idea, one that would bring their products closer to the tourists who regularly flock to our region to experience the many adventures the area has to offer. And even if you aren’t a tourist, you can also enjoy the unique experience offered by the newly-opened SLERS Country Store.

The SLERS Country Store is located in Alae, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. As mentioned earlier, the family decided to go back to where the business was born—Manolo Fortich. And they have made sure that when people come to the store to buy their products or enjoy a meal, they won’t just get good food, they’ll get a memorable experience!

Among the best things about the SLERS Country Store is that the food and drinks are all fresh and organic. The curing and cooking plant for their hams is in Alae, and that is also where the rest of their products, like the all-time favorite chicharon, are prepared. This means everything you order from the country store comes directly from the plant. That’s as fresh as you can get! Plus, they serve real, fresh pineapple juice! What is Manolo Fortich known for if not Del Monte Pineapples? You can just imagine how good fresh pineapple juice will taste. And because there are also several farms in Bukidnon, SLERS Country Store also serves fresh cow’s milk. What better way to experience the country vibe than to get everything fresh, right?

Whenever you find yourself in Northern Mindanao for a vacation, don’t miss out on the chance to savor the unique experience SLERS has to offer. Sample their delicious products at any of their stores within Cagayan de Oro or chill in the refreshing ambience of their country store. Spending some time in the countryside is often the best way to let go of the stress of your daily routines. See you soon!

All-day Breakfast – The Best Meal of the Day, All Day!

Breakfast. The term itself provides a clue as to why this is considered the most important meal of the day. We eat this meal to break a fast. Remember that you’ve been resting for the entire night, which means your body didn’t get any fuel for several hours. If you start your day without breakfast, therefore, it’ll be like trying to get your car to run without petrol! You’ll likely feel sluggish way before lunchtime arrives, and you’ll likely reach for a fatty snack to compensate for the lack of breakfast. Good luck trying to maintain a healthy weight, then.

Other than the fact that it is the most important meal of the day, there are plenty of reasons to love breakfast. For one thing, the foods we normally eat for breakfast are highly affordable, easy to prepare, and oozing with wonderful flavors and aroma. Just imagine how good bacon being fried smells and I’m pretty sure you’ll start to crave it. It is indeed easy to understand why so many people, even those who do not consider themselves morning people, love to eat breakfast foods.

People who love breakfast foods have several things in common. You’ll know you’re one of them if the following are true for you:

  • You never skip breakfast. And if circumstance forces you to do so, people better NOT bother you until you’ve had breakfast food, no matter how late it is in the day.
  • Your home never runs out of cereal because you can eat cereal at any time of the day.
  • You always try to convince your friends that eating breakfast food for dinner is cool.
  • You’ve mastered the art of flipping pancakes.
  • Whenever you travel, you tend to choose hotels that offer free breakfast.
  • Your favorite restaurant serves all-day breakfast.

Well, breakfast lovers, here’s good news for you: There is a well-loved company in Cagayan de Oro that’s been known for offering specialty meat products of excellent taste and quality for decades, and they now offer all-day breakfast meals as well!

We are talking about SLERS, a company that started with leg ham as their primary product, but has grown into a dynamic multi-product business over the years. Today, they have a diner at the ground floor of Gaisano City. SLERS Express Meals serves not only the delicious meat products we’ve come to love, but also our beloved breakfast foods, and the best thing is that they serve these sumptuous treats all day long!


They have jazzed up the classic pandesal by turning it into the Hamdesal, a sandwich with their very own pandesal as the bun. SLERS sweet ham and lettuce complete the delicious breakfast sandwich. Another Pinoy breakfast favorite offered by SLERS at their diner is the tocino. The “mother” of SLERS, Fely Pelaez, first thought this sweet meat wouldn’t do so well in the CDO market, where people have become used to savory meat products. But her daughter Mercedes, who took the helm back in the late 1980s, proved her wrong. Tocino is now one of their bestsellers, especially among their Express Meals selection.


Longganisa is another all-day breakfast favorite of SLERS Express Meals patrons. Paired with fried rice and a side dish of atchara, this viand has just the right combination of sweetness and saltiness that’s sure to win the heart of Pinoy foodies, particularly those who are breakfast lovers. And what’s an all-day breakfast menu if it doesn’t have tapa in the selection? SLERS may be known for their pork products, but they have chicken and beef in their lineup, too. So, don’t worry, your favorite tapsilog hasn’t gone missing from their all-day breakfast menu.


Oh, and let’s not forget the bacon! Who in their right mind would want to skip bacon when we’re talking about breakfast meals? Definitely not SLERS! They have the delectable smoked country bacon on their Express Meals menu, and it’s paired with sunny-side-up egg and fried rice. Just the perfect pick-me-up food for when you’re feeling especially stressed out.

It was nine years ago when SLERS Express Meals was first conceived. Today, it is a thriving part of a truly dynamic enterprise. And perhaps the best news is that you can now enjoy the all-day breakfast offerings of SLERS not only in Gaisano City, but also in SLERS Ham and Café, located at the ground floor of the South Bank Plaza building, Yacapin-Velez Sts. Whatever time of day it is, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast courtesy of SLERS.