All-day Breakfast – The Best Meal of the Day, All Day!

Breakfast. The term itself provides a clue as to why this is considered the most important meal of the day. We eat this meal to break a fast. Remember that you’ve been resting for the entire night, which means your body didn’t get any fuel for several hours. If you start your day without breakfast, therefore, it’ll be like trying to get your car to run without petrol! You’ll likely feel sluggish way before lunchtime arrives, and you’ll likely reach for a fatty snack to compensate for the lack of breakfast. Good luck trying to maintain a healthy weight, then.

Other than the fact that it is the most important meal of the day, there are plenty of reasons to love breakfast. For one thing, the foods we normally eat for breakfast are highly affordable, easy to prepare, and oozing with wonderful flavors and aroma. Just imagine how good bacon being fried smells and I’m pretty sure you’ll start to crave it. It is indeed easy to understand why so many people, even those who do not consider themselves morning people, love to eat breakfast foods.

People who love breakfast foods have several things in common. You’ll know you’re one of them if the following are true for you:

  • You never skip breakfast. And if circumstance forces you to do so, people better NOT bother you until you’ve had breakfast food, no matter how late it is in the day.
  • Your home never runs out of cereal because you can eat cereal at any time of the day.
  • You always try to convince your friends that eating breakfast food for dinner is cool.
  • You’ve mastered the art of flipping pancakes.
  • Whenever you travel, you tend to choose hotels that offer free breakfast.
  • Your favorite restaurant serves all-day breakfast.

Well, breakfast lovers, here’s good news for you: There is a well-loved company in Cagayan de Oro that’s been known for offering specialty meat products of excellent taste and quality for decades, and they now offer all-day breakfast meals as well!

We are talking about SLERS, a company that started with leg ham as their primary product, but has grown into a dynamic multi-product business over the years. Today, they have a diner at the ground floor of Gaisano City. SLERS Express Meals serves not only the delicious meat products we’ve come to love, but also our beloved breakfast foods, and the best thing is that they serve these sumptuous treats all day long!


They have jazzed up the classic pandesal by turning it into the Hamdesal, a sandwich with their very own pandesal as the bun. SLERS sweet ham and lettuce complete the delicious breakfast sandwich. Another Pinoy breakfast favorite offered by SLERS at their diner is the tocino. The “mother” of SLERS, Fely Pelaez, first thought this sweet meat wouldn’t do so well in the CDO market, where people have become used to savory meat products. But her daughter Mercedes, who took the helm back in the late 1980s, proved her wrong. Tocino is now one of their bestsellers, especially among their Express Meals selection.


Longganisa is another all-day breakfast favorite of SLERS Express Meals patrons. Paired with fried rice and a side dish of atchara, this viand has just the right combination of sweetness and saltiness that’s sure to win the heart of Pinoy foodies, particularly those who are breakfast lovers. And what’s an all-day breakfast menu if it doesn’t have tapa in the selection? SLERS may be known for their pork products, but they have chicken and beef in their lineup, too. So, don’t worry, your favorite tapsilog hasn’t gone missing from their all-day breakfast menu.


Oh, and let’s not forget the bacon! Who in their right mind would want to skip bacon when we’re talking about breakfast meals? Definitely not SLERS! They have the delectable smoked country bacon on their Express Meals menu, and it’s paired with sunny-side-up egg and fried rice. Just the perfect pick-me-up food for when you’re feeling especially stressed out.

It was nine years ago when SLERS Express Meals was first conceived. Today, it is a thriving part of a truly dynamic enterprise. And perhaps the best news is that you can now enjoy the all-day breakfast offerings of SLERS not only in Gaisano City, but also in SLERS Ham and Café, located at the ground floor of the South Bank Plaza building, Yacapin-Velez Sts. Whatever time of day it is, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast courtesy of SLERS.

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